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the burial floor spherical a church. kerkhof فِناء الكَنيسَه църковен двор cemitério hřbitov (u kostela) der Kirchhof kirkegård κοιμητήριοcementerio kirikuaed محوطۀ دور کلیسا که مخصوص دفن مردگان است kirkkomaa cimetière חָצַר כְּנֵסִיָה गिरजा के समीप मृतकों के गाड़ने का स्थान groblje sírkert pemakaman kirkjugarður cimitero 墓地 교회 부속묘지 kapinės kapsēta kawasan gereja kerkhofkirkegårdcmentarz قبرستان cemitério cimitir кладбище cintorín pokopališče porta kyrkogård หลุมฝังศพรอบโบสถ์ kilise mezarlık avlusu (教堂四周的)墓地 церковне подвір'я گرجے کے نزدیک قبرستان nghĩa địa (教堂四周的)墓地

Levin go through the second quantity of Homiakov's is effective, and Despite the classy, epigrammatic, argumentative design which initially repelled him, he was impressed via the doctrine with the church he present in them.

structured religion, faith, faith - an establishment to specific belief in the divine energy; "he was lifted inside the Baptist faith"; "a member of his very own religion contradicted him"

…kinds of religious social organization: church, sect, and mystical motion. He explained the church as being a conservative institution that affirms the globe and mediates salvation as a result of clergy and sacraments.

a human body of Christians worshipping in a certain making or constituting just one congregation: She's a member of this church.

The baroque type was initial Employed in Italy all around 1575. From there it spread to the remainder of Europe and also to the ecu colonies. Over the baroque era, the setting up sector enhanced seriously. Properties, even churches, have been used as indicators for prosperity, authority and influence.Using kinds known with the renaissance had been exceptionally exaggerated.

The holiness in the church won't mean that all its associates are holy but derives from its generation by the Holy Spirit. The phrase catholic initially intended the common church as distinct from neighborhood congregations, but it surely arrived to imply the Church of Rome. Ultimately, apostolic indicates that, in both of those its church and ministry, the church is historically constant with the Apostles and thus Together with the earthly life of read more Jesus.

Hinduism, main globe religion originating over the Indian subcontinent and comprising various and diversified…

Twelve Johnson County churches convert lecture rooms to bedrooms 1 7 days at a time and might serve up to five unaccompanied woman visitors at any given time, in addition to people. — Lynn Horsley, kansascity

→ كَنِيسَة kostel kirke Kirche εκκλησία iglesia kirkko église crkva chiesa 教会 교회 kerk kirke kościół igreja церковь kyrka โบสถ์ kilise nhà thờ 教堂

church bell - a bell within a church tower (typically sounded to summon individuals to church); "church bells were ringing all over city"

La Iglesia Presbiteriana Escocesa (Church of Scotland) es la iglesia nacional de Escocia, pero no depende de ninguna autoridad civil. Sigue la doctrina calvinista y se rige según las normas presbiterianas, lo que significa que está gobernada a nivel area, por ministers y dirigentes laicos (elders).

The Gothic design emerged all over 1140 in Île-de-France and spread by way of all of Europe. The gothic properties had been considerably less compact than they were inside the romanesque period and infrequently contained symbolic and allegoric attributes. For The very first time, pointed arches, rib vaults and buttresses were employed, with The end result that significant walls weren't for a longer period needed to stabilise the constructing.

You employ church without any determiner, and instantly following a preposition, if you find yourself speaking about a religious services in a church. Such as, if another person goes into a support inside a church, you say which they check out church.

There's been an increase in partnerships involving church management and private real estate property organizations to redevelop church properties into blended makes use of.

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